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Restoring Assets, One Surface at a Time

Go Beyond Cleaning & Avoid Costly Replacements

Provive restores commercial assets to shine like new, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Whether you’re looking to revive your building image back to its original glory or modernize for a complete new look & feel, we’ve got your back every step of the way.

Our ground-breaking products and restorative methodologies exceed industry standards, adhering to criteria established by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Reviving Commercial Assets For Over 30 Years

Proven Savings

Revitalizing assets at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Technical Innovation

Over 30 years of research & development, trade secret procedures & coatings.

LEED Rewards

Get up to 4 LEED Points to restore building image with a green footprint.

Our Story

Shoulder to shoulder, we are at your side restoring your place of business and your peace of mind. Our integrated approach to revitalization reduces cycle times and operating costs to safeguard your property’s value and asset image.

For over 30 years, we’ve passionately invested our time and resources into researching substrates and endlessly fine-tuning our process and products to be the benchmark of what’s possible in the industry.

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The Process

From building eye-sores to eye-candy, in three easy steps:

1. Prepare

Specialty equipment provides complete surface preparation, while repairing damaged areas.

2. Preserve

Technical substrate wisdom empowers our service teams to ensure the most appropriate polishing techniques and stain removal processes, bringing the original substrate colours back to life.

3. Protect

Our proprietary protective coating services mask minor imperfections and safeguard surface substrates from the harsh elements.

What’s the Difference Between Cleaning & Provive?

Simply put, cleaning will not restore a buildings image to shine like new and optimize an assets value like Provive.

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