Revitalizing Services

Restoring a Full Spectrum of Substrates

At Provive, we believe strongly in a multipronged approach for proper surface preparation. With a wide variety of techniques, we target these key areas to go beyond cleaning:

  • Cosmetic
  • Tenant Health & Safety
  • Environmental
  • Improved Ease of Maintenance

Provive Revives a Full Spectrum of Substrates



Natural Stone

Precious Metals

Stainless Signage

Revolving Doors


Mullions & Flashings


Control Boxes


Walkways & Paths




Polished Columns




The Process

From building eyesore to eye candy, in three easy steps:

1. Prepare

Specialty equipment provides complete surface preparation, while repairing damaged areas.

2. Preserve

Technical substrate wisdom empowers our service teams to ensure the most appropriate polishing techniques and stain removal processes, bringing the original substrate colours back to life.

3. Protect

Our proprietary protective coating services mask minor imperfections and safeguard surface substrates from the harsh elements.

Case Study

We recently performed our magic on a Toronto office building. We upgraded the curb appeal without tenant disruption, avoided the need for window and mullion replacement, and delivered project cost savings by over 68%.

Revitalizing Benefits

A science-based approach to surface restoration.

Improved Ease of Cleaning

Less Intrusive for Tenants

Less Costly Than Replacement

Long Lasting Results

Improvement to Substrate

Breathability of Concrete/Sandstone

Reduce Fingerprints on Metals

Earn up to 4 LEED Points