Our Partners

Meet our strategic and innovation partners that empower us to achieve what others can’t.

Partnership Philosophy

We believe that only by working together and partnering with the best in the industry, can we achieve true ‘restoration greatness’ for our clients.

Metal Maintenance

Tired of smudged, tarnished metal?

Metal Maintenance Inc. is Toronto’s metal restoration specialist, cleaning and conserving polished and brushed metal surfaces on the interior and exterior of commercial and historical buildings.

RLA Conservation

A team of professionally trained conservators and artisans specializing in the care of sculpture, historic architecture, and artifacts.

RLA has particular expertise in modern and contemporary art, monumental outdoor sculpture, Twentieth century buildings, and Latin American art.

IBIX North America

IBIX North America, Surface Technologies has provided Provive with custom technical solutions and products for many years.

IBIX provides us with custom solution equipment, but the best supporting performing materials needed to outperform the competition.


BEECK provides Provive with the highest quality plant-based, mineral natural paints and oil paints for all our heritage and modern building restoration.

Beeck paints are fully vapor permeable, environmentally friendly, have low volatile organic compounds and are the only brand to offer active silicate paints, which creates an incredibly durable finish.

U-Coat Technologies

U-Coat Technologies is a family-owned and operated business based out of Tampa Bay, Florida.

U-Coat products are organic-based and environmentally friendly with no volatile organic compounds.


Viroguard is a trained, licensed, and insured disinfection team that provides the highest standards for pathogen control and building wellness.

Viroguard has over 30+ years experience delivering protocol-driven disinfection services, and uses only Health Canada-approved disinfectants.

Safe 2 Work

Safe 2 Work provides Provive with their patent pending Adjustable Platform.

This patent pending platform, made in Canada, was created out of a shared vision, to create a safer ladder alternative and to outsmart all the safety hazards and accidents surrounding traditional ladders.