Our Services

Mobile Restoration with Less Downtime & Tenant Disruption.

Restoring a Full-Spectrum of Surfaces

We restore all substrates and assets onsite, from intricate brass work or delicate limestone facades (without damage) with a variety of specialty equipment, proprietary preparation & finishing processes.

On-Site Powder Coating

Our mobile paint finishing equipment from Germany, empowers us to paint any kind of substrate, from metals to concrete epoxy flooring – On-site, without damaging the substrate.

  • On-site Coating (no asset disassembling or removal required)
  • No Cracking or Chipping
  • Resistant to UV, Chemicals & Salt
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Media Blasting

Our media blasting equipment from Italy allows us to remove paint from a wide range of substrates, including:

  • Sodium/Calcium Carbonate (brass or stainless steel)
  • Crushed Glass (aluminum)
  • Garnet (stone, concrete)
  • more…
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High-Pressure Steam Cleaning

Our steam cleaning system uses saturated steam that reaches 160°C (320°F), providing 333% more cleaning power vs. traditional solutions that only reach 121°C (250°F) – or – pressure washers that can damage fragile substrates like granite.

  • Up to 333% More Cleaning Power
  • More Gentle vs. Pressure Washing
  • Less Water Flow
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Restoring A Full Spectrum of Substrates